The local town and surroundings are teeming with opportunities for sightseeing. We would like to make sure that we offer you a taste of the history of the old city and its wonders. Two such side programs are included for your enjoyment. First a guided tour of the prelate’s building of the former monastery of Raitenhaslach, currently the TUM Science & Study center, to take you the history of the venue where the symposium will take place. Second, a guided tour of the world’s longest castle which stands as a witness to over one thousand years of history in Burghausen and a picturesque feast for the senses and the  soul. This is an hour and a half long tour, which may also take place at night with lanterns.

The participants will also be able to discover nearby attractions on their own. Some of the available options are presented below, and more can be found on the Burghauser city travel webpage.

GPS City Tour of the old town of Burghausen

Find out about Burghausen’s historic old town on an interactive multimedia tour. Hear stories as told today in the family, by friends and by dignitaries. Enjoy a hugely entertaining, fully interactive Burghausen experience spiced and spiked with wit, irony and lots of activity suggestions.

Boat rides with “Plätten”

A boat ride on the Salzach reveals the town from a beautiful new perspective. On the wooden boats called „Plätten“ previously used to transport salt, the  “white gold” was transported from the salt mine at Hallein near Salzburg to Burghausen in the Middle Ages.