Prof. Karl Petter Lillerud

Karl Petter Lillerud has worked as a professor at the University of Oslo (UiO) since 1996. He graduated from UiO un 1979 and earned his PhD in Chemistry from the same institution in 1983. During his career, he has functioned as a visiting professor at several universities around the world. MRL, UCSB, the University of Versailles and more.

He is an expert in synthesis and characterization of new crystalline nanoporous materials with potential applications as catalysts, having published extensive research into crystallization mechanism leading to the formation of open structure materials. His work has contributed a high number of new microporous structure types, such as OSI, OSO (the first structure composed exclusively of three-membered rings), OWE, OBW, ZON and AEN. His most recognisable achievement lies perhaps in the field of MOF materials with the development of UiO-66 series. This family of materials has been described as “Iconic” and has become one of the most studied MOF classes to date. More info on his personal website.

His keynote is titled “Defects – properties relationship for Zr-MOFs” and the abstract can be downloaded here.