We have an arrangement with the Hotel Glöcklhofer in Burghausen. The total available options are:

Rooms for 115 persons:

  • 6 three-bed rooms
  • 41 double rooms
  • 15 single rooms (can also be used as double)

The accommodation is offered by the symposium organizers, so there will be no charge to book the rooms. Breakfast, WIFI and the shuttle service to Raitenhaslach are also included.

Their online booking system is not up to date with this information. Therefore, the participants have to send an email to “info@hotel-gloecklhofer.de” mentioning the code “DocMOF 2018” when booking.  The email should also contain the participant name and the dates of their stay. The booking deadline is set for March 17th, 2018. Requests after this date won’t be accepted.

Booking address:

Hotel Glöcklhofer
Ludwigsberg 4
84489 Burghausen
Phone +49 8677 916 400